Welcome to our blog and our very first blog post.  It took some time to get everything running but finally its here, and I'm looking forward to spending some time here updating and posting as much as I can.

So for this first post we want to wish Alina a very happy 1st birthday which was last month and show you guys how much fun we had with her and her sessions.  After a couple hours of a messy but very fun cake smash session and birthday dress session here's what we got, enjoy!!!

And the Cake Smash session begins...  At first Alina didn't want to get dirty and messy but that all changed real fast!!! Reaching for the camera, I don't think so, haha Oh Oh, mommy is going to be very mad when its time to clean me up... Heres a little thing we designed which we used for Alina's thank you cards.

As my first Cake Smash session, I can definitely say its as messy and as fun as it looks, I wish I had one of these when I was 1... I know Alina is going to remember this session forever!!
Stay tuned, more coming soon...

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