A couple months ago I backed a project on Kickstarter.com for the C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution.  At the time when I first saw the project it looked like a little cool add-on to my cameras which would probably solve some strap issues.  I finally received my C-Loop's and I have to say they are pretty neat.  The design is flawless, clean, and looks pretty cool on the camera itself with the little SLR logo, but lets leave the looks to the side for a moment and focus on how this works out for me... If your like me and you shoot using a strap 50% of the time then this little thing may be pretty good for you. I often find myself shooting  and then putting the camera over my shoulders, however when using the stock straps, they can become a bit of a pain and get all tangled up, or even tried choking me a few times!! LOL

The other times I shoot with either my BlackRapid RS DS-1 Double Strap or no straps at all which is when my big issue came in..., THE TIME TO REMOVE THE STRAPS FROM CAMERA STRAP MOUNTS!!!  I hated having to do this, readjusting the straps let alone removing them to begin with was annoying.  Now all I have to do is just unscrew the C-Loop and either shoot without straps, or attach my double strap and fire away!!

If you own other types of straps like the BlackRapid single straps, those are pretty good too but if you'd like to keep your Stock strap and not have to worry about the pains that come with it, then the C-Loop in my opinion is the perfect solution!!

This was the biggest pain in the... I will never attach a strap to the camera's strap mounts ever again!!!

C-Loop attached to the camera with Stock Straps