So after a long and busy work week, we finally come to a break or shall I say an opportunity to get to my blog posts. This weekend I want to share with everyone Luisana and Omar's Engagement Session we did last week in Brooklyn. They had booked us for this session a while back and the day of the session we were all pumped to get out there and see what I can do. I'm not surprised at all that they did such an amazing job, and it was all because of their ecstatic personalities. I love working with couples that express such huge love for each other and are open up to us while working. It makes everything so much easier and the end result is always amazing. So, we'll get to the photos now... Congratulations to Luisana and Omar on their Engagement!!  

Special Thanks to Make-Up Artist ANDREA for doing Luisana's Makeup and for her help throughout the session ;-)