Hey Everyone!! I am not often presented with the opportunity to blog about something so personal and wedding related. After all the weddings and engagements we've done, the time finally arrived for me to ask my beautiful and amazing friend and partner for her hand in marriage. After weeks of planning everything without her knowledge, I decided that May was going to be the special month. We had dinner at a fantastic restaurant in NYC called Buenos Aires. Their food was delectable and probably the most authentic Argentinian meal we've had since our return from Argentina. I think we're going to have to go back because I didn't get to really enjoy the restaurant with everything that was going on in my head as you can imagine.

I typically carry my camera with me everywhere so when I decided to bring it with us, she had no idea. Once we finished dinner, we walked out of the restaurant and were ready to leave. However, originally I had intended to propose in front of the restaurant but there were too many people and an ambulance was present which was killing the mood and my lighting. We walked up the block and took some more photos but there wasn't anything interesting except the typical New York City garbage pales and chained bikes. So we continued walking and decided to take a walk through Tompkins Square Park. I took some more photos as we walked but what I was really doing was looking for some good light and a nice spot. We finally came up to this perfect walkway where I setup my stuff and pretended to take some "night photography." Then I asked her to get into the picture frame, went down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. She said yes and then figured everything out. It was honestly the best moment I've experienced until this date and I'm happy to have captured it. I honestly couldn't have asked for it to happen any other way.  I was triggering my camera wirelessly while I was asking her and this is what I got.

For those interested in the technical and "how-to" of what I used to do this and how I did it, stay tuned as I'm going to write a separate blog post with all the details.

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Happy Tuesday to you all!!

Thank You