So I have to say this weekend was definitely one to remember.  Now that I'm getting into the hang of blogging more frequently, there's no better way to start this than to post about what went down in NYC this weekend. Who said Photography was only about taking photos...?  It's waaaay more than that!! IMO photography itself is only a small part of everything else which consists of the business, networking, and having a blast with an awesome group of passionate people.

There are several Photographers in this industry who I love to follow, ask for advice, and who have truly inspired me.  Two of those are Pro Headshot Photographer Peter Hurley and one of the creators of / Pro Photographer, Lee Morris.

Passionate and inspirational photographers such as these are the two reasons why I love what I do, and the reason I enjoy helping others.  There are very few out there who are willing to show what their business is all about.  I hope that one day, I can work more closely with these guys, and definitely look forward to helping as many as I can along the way.

So what happened this past weekend...? Well, we got to meet up with an awesome group of photographers and I finally got to meet Lee Morris and Peter Hurley along with Patrick Hall and the rest of the crew.  It was an awesome night, Andrea and I want to thank all of them for inviting us out to meet everyone, to network, to drink, and IDK whatever else happened that night... But anyways, here's some photos to remember

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Hahaha, I have the cheesiest Smile!! Screw it!! LOL

Here's some shots I took a while back

Inspired by Peter Hurley and their video Fstoppers Original: Peter Hurley Exposes the perfect Headshot

Inspired by Lee Morris and their video Lee Morris Attempts to shoot a Rolex Watch