This year I definitely want to take advantage of New York City restaurants, attractions, and anything else we can find.  On our off weekends we usually go out to the city and grab something to eat or go to B&H which is my favorite store ;-)  This weekend was one of those and it was a complete success.  If you remember, a couple weeks ago I blogged about some fresh made pasta Andrea had bought home from a place called Eataly.  She had been bragging about this place since she first saw it and knowing that I love all those places that sell imported European products, she had been dying to take me there. So this weekend was it, we spent the day in the City walking around and hanging out and then we finally got around visiting the Eataly.  It was amazing, and it was PACKED!!!  It's sort of like an indoor mall with a bunch of different sections.  You have the cheese section, the cold cuts and chorizos, the meats, the pastas, the bread, the beer, wine... I can go on and on and I still don't think I got around the entire place.

In the center of the store there were some high bar tables where people were standing and picking at small plates of different foods.  Cheeses, cold cuts, wine, beer, etc.  I immediately said we had to try this so we found ourselves a little spot.  The waiter came by and dropped of a menu filled with a bunch of different things.  After we chose a platter for two he recommended Andrea a Fruity wine and recommended me a imported beer.  Everything was delicious!!!

Anyways, after we finished we went to grab some stuff to take home with us and unfortunately, it was time to go.  I've already booked my next trip to Eataly and if nothing comes up then its a go!!! For those of you who are interested this is on 23rd and 5th ;-)

Here are some random shots I took after we left the Eataly.

If I see a nice sports car, I will definitely shoot it, like this Corvette below.  Didn't look like a Z06 but was definitely clean enough to catch my eye.

Spanking New Yellow NYC Taxi Cab
Mountain of Honey Roasted Peanuts
Man holding his Hot Cup of Coffee