Heyy Everyone!!

I've been meaning to share some of our favorite photos from our Maternity session in Santorini Greece but with the surprise arrival of our baby boy we had to postpone this post for a few more weeks, however, TODAY we're happy to share them with you all!!!

Back in November, we had the chance to get away for a trip to Greece and what more beautiful place to do our Maternity photos than in the incredible island of Santorini. I could go on and on and on about amazing Greece is but to keep this blog text short, let's just say, if you have questions, want to visit Greece or want to hear how we feel, give us a call we'll gladly rave about it for hours!!!

So while there, we attempted to photograph our own maternity session. 1 Camera, 1 Tripod, 1 Remote, Lots of Patience, Lots of 3-10sec timers, lots of running towards the camera and lots of fun!! After about 8 hours of walking around Oia Santorini, we were able to document this very precious moment in our lives!!

Without further ado, here's our official Maternity Blog Post!!!


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