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It's about that time when we wrap up some of our album designs so we wanted to share this post with you all. One of my biggest goals after photographing a wedding is to design the Bride & Groom's album. A lot of our clients absolutely love viewing their images online and on their DVD but when they receive their album and open it up their expressions are priceless. Blogging and sharing our photos online are a great way to showcase our work but physically holding an album is a totally different experience. From the print and color to the paper type and covers, we've taken the time to design signature albums that showcase our work and your special day. After the wedding album is released to our clients; nothing makes us happier than hearing back from them!!


"HI Richard!!!!!!!!!! DIOS MIO!!!!!!!!!  The albums are absolutely gorgeous.  Seriously, we could not have been any more excited and blown away by the quality - we LOVE love love our album - SO happy that we worked that out to make it happen!  Can't believe how much it weighs, and it's just so meaningful and special to have (and I absolutely love having real pictures in there).  We were in shock as we were going through it, it's just perfect..." - B & J

Photography by RichardBFlores

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