She was completely oblivious to the surprises he  had planned for her that weekend. From his home in Chicago, Albert arranged an engagement and surprise party for his soon to be fiancé, Sandra. Supported by his family and friends back in New Jersey, everything was “a go.” Before they arrived in NJ, he planned dinner at their favorite restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. After dinner, they visited his old neighborhood in the East Village. Once they reached Albert’s old block, he asked Sandra to record and narrate some of the memories they shared there. As she recorded, he kneeled down behind her and popped the question. I bet not much was recorded because of the excitement of it all, but I’m sure it was the perfect surprise.  The next day, expecting nothing but a normal family visit, Sandra was unaware of the planned surprise engagement party. Alongside family and friends awaited her mom who had flown up from Florida specifically for the occasion. So as we all got together in the living room, they walked in and her reaction was priceless. In addition, her reaction after seeing her mom who stood behind the crowd was one to be remembered.

The weekend couldn’t have gone any better. I’m immensely happy for the both of them. Their kindness and affection as people truly reveals itself through their relationship. I wish them the very best on their engagement and their future!!