The beautiful afternoon led us to New York City after finishing up some work. I've really wanted to get some self-portrait photos that I could use for my site, so we figured it would be the perfect day to get them. We wandered around the Meatpacking District while checking out local stores and grabbing a bite to eat. Visiting the Meatpacking District also gave us another chance to visit the highly regarded High Line Park, a mile long stretch of railway that has been converted into a remarkable urban park. It's certainly a place I recommend visiting. The stunning views of the Hudson River and New Jersey to the west and city panoramas to the east provide a unique perspective of all the beauty Manhattan has to offer. Unfortunately for us, many other people took advantage of the lovely weather and the park was too busy for any photo work. Once back on the streets, Andrea and I began snapping some photos of each other. Ironically, despite being a photographer, I didn't feel too comfortable in front of the camera. But after a few shots, it wasn't so bad! Here are some of our favorites, along with some of the randomness we captured in our strolls through the city.

Hotel Dream - Downtown, NYC

All Saints Clothing Store

Hundreds of post-it's in remembrance to Steve Jobs on the windows of the Apple Store on West 14th St.

Some interesting NYC Modern Architecture

My dream Yacht :-D

Downtown and a progress photo of the Freedom Tower. Impressive!!!