We couldn't hold off on blogging a wedding shoot we did this weekend so I modified my list of things to do to get this done today! Mary Meghan organized an incredible, styled shoot so we could all collaborate with a group of peers and friends from the area. Our day began very early since Mary was kind enough to invite us over her house so that Andrea could get a head start doing the girls’ makeup. She greeted us with some muffins, coffee, and made us feel at home. After all the girls were finished, we headed out to Wharton State Forest in Vincentown, NJ where she had setup the fall-styled decor and arrangements. With the shoot starting around 3pm,,we only had about 2 hours before sunset. Despite the time constraints, we were able to work together successfully to produce some truly breathtaking photos. We had a great time sharing and working alongside an eager group of talented professionals. We definitely cannot wait until the next one!! None of this could of happened without Mary Meghan who organized it ALL!! Special thanks to you, Mary. Many thanks as well to the vendors, models, and everyone else who participated in this event.

Organizer/Hair/Photographer - Mary Meghan

Make-Up Artist - Andrea C. Figueredo

Bouquet/Hairpiece Designer - Angela Lynn 'Perino' Miller / http://www.etsy.com/shop/aperino


Katrina Tapper

Sue Davis

Patrick Veterano

Annie Batt

Keith Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson

Julia Miliaresis

Theresa Berenato


Thank You Again Andrea C. Figueredo for doing such an amazing job with the Make-Up on all the girls!!!

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