Thank you for considering us to document your special moments. These are the moments in life that we can never forget. These are the moments that will forever last in our memories. It can be difficult remembering details as the years pass us by, however a single photograph will not only bring you back in time but you will be able to relive the emotions, feelings, senses and most importantly the love you felt that day.

These moments, emotions, feelings, and love are what we promise to capture on your special day. Whether it's your Engagement, Wedding, Maternity, Birth of your Newborn, or other special event. That's what we capture so that decades later you can share these moments with your loved ones.

We would love to setup a time to talk with you so that we can get to know each other as well as go over your investment and our collections. Most of our couples and clients customize their collections and while speaking with you we'll be better able to serve you.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who photographs my wedding? How long are you there for?

A. We (Richard & Andrea) both photograph all weddings, events, and sessions. That means that you will always receive two photographers with different perspectives documenting your day. We haven't photographed a wedding that isn't under 8 hours so we dedicate the entire day to you. Being there the entire day allows us to capture the most important moments, the ones you'll look back and have a laugh at or tell a story about. We will not photograph you pretending to get ready or pretending to cut the cake. We will be there documenting it all as it happens!!

Q. Do you only photograph weddings?
A. Although weddings is our primary business, we also photograph events, private sessions, maternity, newborn, portraits, commercial, etc. 

Q. How far in advance are you booked? How many bookings do you do a year?
A. We accept bookings as early as you start planning. Typically our clients book us 12 to 18 months before their event. We limit the number of bookings per year so that we can give each client the time and attention they deserve.

Q. What are your prices?
A. We offer different prices for different collections and types of events. Because each wedding and event is unique and our clients needs are different, we typically create a custom collection for everyone. However, our base hours of coverage begins at $4000 and our Full Wedding Day Coverage Collections begin at $5000. We'd love to share with you all of our current collections which will serve as a basis and then we'll build from there. If you'd like to receive a copy of our current collections and pricing, please Contact Us and we'll be more than happy to send over all of the information you need.

Q. Do you offer Video or Cinema?
A. We don't personally offer video services thru our company however we would love to personally recommend a videographer we've had the pleasure of working with numerous times. Please contact us so we can confirm their availability and share their information.

Q. Do you Design Wedding Albums? What kind of albums and prints do you offer?

A. Short Answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY but here's why we're so passionate about our albums!! 

We're always so excited to share our custom made albums and all of our clients have the option to receive a Signature RichardBFlores Photography Album with their collections. 

We consider our Albums a lifetime investment because 20, 30, 40+ years from now you will have something to physically show your family. You'll be investing in a piece of art that'll bring your back all of your memories, moments, stories, and all the instants that once took place back to life.

If you think about it...

How many things will have changed  in your life 20+ years from now?

Your Car
Maybe Your House
Your Phones
the list can go on and on

BUT Your Album will remain. Those moments of your wedding, family, & friends, will be available for you to show your loved ones while everything else was replaced! 

We've searched the industry to find some of the best albums and we're happy to have partnered with one of the best designers in the industry. Our album collection is completely customizable to fit your style and we have a beautiful selection of samples we would love to share with you.

Q. Are you a Full-Time Photographer or is this a Part-Time gig?

A. We are Full-Time Photographers. Fortunately our work is doing something we absolutely love and we take much pride on our work and in the relationships we have with our clients.

Q. Why do you recommend Engagement Sessions? What do we get out of it? When do you photograph Engagement Sessions?
A. We include Engagement Sessions in some of our collections for many reasons. It's a great opportunity to have portraits of couples in a controlled environment. It's the perfect time for us to get a feel for our couples style and how they act in front of the camera. And, the most important reason is for us to get to know each other. Our Engagement Sessions are completely relaxed and they are meant to make our couples feel comfortable and to remove all camera fear and shyness. By the time their wedding day arrives they are confident, comfortable and pros in front of the camera. Because we photograph weddings primarily on weekends, we always schedule Engagement Sessions during the weekdays. Most of our sessions are scheduled in advance so it's a great opportunity to take a day and make it all about you!!

Q. What is included in my sessions?
A. I photograph all types of sessions. Sessions typically range anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on our main goal. All sessions include all your photos completely edited, and a Password Protected Online Gallery. For additional prints, albums, High Resolution USB, and more please ask for our Ala Carte menu.

Q. Do you travel to photograph weddings? Does your 2nd photographer travel also?
A. We love to travel and have worked and photographed weddings & sessions in Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, and throughout the United States. We're ready to go and all you would need to add to your collection is Airfare, Hotel, & Rental Car if needed for both myself and my partner.

Q. I am currently living out of state and would like to meet with you. What can I do to arrange a meeting?
A. We've had clients book us from China, Spain, Argentina, California, Colorado, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and more. Time difference or not, no worries. We'll be happy to setup a Skype or phone meeting that works best for you.

Q. When do you deliver the digital negatives?
A. All digital images are completed within 8-10 weeks.

Q. What type of equipment do you use?
A. We photograph using all Professional Canon equipment.

Q. Do you retouch the images taken?
A. Every single photo our clients receive is professionally & carefully edited one by one. 

Q. Can we get photos in Black & White also?
A. Absolutely!! During the editing process if we feel a photograph looks great in B&W we will gladly include it in your final gallery.

Q. Do you have insurance just in case?
A. Yes we do have insurance to cover anything and everything. If your venue or location requires proof of insurance, we'll be happy to provide them with a copy of our certificate. 

Q. Would you be able to reserve a date for us without a retainer?
A. Unfortunately we require a booking retainer to reserve any and all dates. We want to keep it fair for all of our couples and clients.

Q. When is my payment due?
A. All final balances are due 30 days before the wedding or event day.

Q. Do you accept Credit Cards?
A. Yes! We accept Bank Payments & Credit Cards.

Q. Last Question; Do you love what you do?
A. You have absolutely no idea!! The thought that every photograph we take will be cherished and viewed years down the road means the world to us so thank you for allowing us into your lives!!






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TheKnot - RichardBFlores Photography

"Somehow I have to explain the amazingness that is Richard and Andrea in 3500 characters! Choosing to have Richard and Andrea photograph our December wedding was hands down the best decision we made in the wedding process. From the very beginning they were true professionals whose passion for their business was very obvious. They made my husband and I feel very comfortable by going over all details of the different packages and even giving us a sample of a timeline for the actual wedding day. We knew that we would be working with two people who understood how important this day was to us and would be true partners during the process. As the wedding day got closer, I was getting really stressed about logistics and timing. Any time I had a question, Richard was on the phone going through all details with me and assuring me that everything would be fine. He was so organized that it put me at ease and let me focus on other things. I had full confidence in him and Andrea. What initially drew me to Richard when I was looking for photographers was his crisp and clean photos - no gimmicks with filters or overly artsy shots. They were pure pictures from couples' weddings. I can say with confidence that our pictures really captured who we are and the beauty of the day. It snowed on our wedding day and Richard and Andrea were more than game to go outside and take some shots of us. The outcome of the photos was absolutely stunning. Richard and Andrea have great energy and compliment each other's work styles. They were really fun to work with the day of our wedding. Another fantastic perk - Andrea is a makeup artist and a dang good one! She did my makeup for my wedding and it was really great having her there all day to do touch ups (it's a really nice thing to have especially after the champagne starts to flow :) ) We did a trial for our engagement shoot and she really listened to what my vision was. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. Oh - and she was 7 months pregnant at our wedding and was a badass the entire day. I will for sure recommend Richard and Andrea to all of my friends and if you're reading this - BOOK THEM ASAP! And definitely do an Engagement Shoot! You get to know Richard and Andrea (who are really cool people!) and it gets you and your partner prepped for the big day."


"Richard and Andrea are absolutely AMAZING!!! My husband and I first met them at our best friends' wedding and we immediately fell in love with their friendly and energetic personalities. Between our friends' recommendation and viewing pictures of other weddings they have photographed, we knew we had to snag them for our wedding! We were so excited that they had our wedding date available. They photographed our entire day from when we started getting ready to the very end of the reception. Our pictures turned out incredibly stunning!!! We received over 1300 photos including beautiful portraits and fun candid pictures. They also made a slide show with their favorites which summarized our wedding day perfectly. Our family and friends are constantly complimenting us on our wedding photos! Andrea also did my makeup, and she made me feel more beautiful than I have ever felt in my life! The best part is that she was there throughout the whole night, so she could touch up my makeup as needed. We are so glad that we were introduced to Richard and Andrea and we couldn't be happier with our gorgeous pictures!!!"


"Richard and Andrea photographed our wedding in November and they were just phenomenal to work with. The first time my husband and I met them at their office, they gave us big warm hugs and we felt like friends from the start. They are a dream team, will do whatever it takes to understand your vision, make you feel happy and at ease, and create the perfect shot every time. Their patience, attention to detail and organization is unmatched. Whenever I reach out, they respond immediately and always make me feel like I am their most important client! Not only are they great photographers but they are just amazing people! I honestly feel so lucky to have had the pleasure of working with them. I received so many compliments from both sides of my family, friends and wedding guests - they were all raving about Richard and Andrea. Our guests felt so comfortable and relaxed around them and this truly shows when you get your photos back, everyone’s expressions are so natural and genuine! Andrea was pregnant when shooting the wedding but you would not even know – she was unstoppable and did everything with grace and a huge smile on her face. By the way if you haven’t booked your bridal makeup, look no further because she is also a professional MUA! She was extraordinary, made me feel so beautiful on my big day and was there for the entire duration of the wedding to touch up whenever I needed it. When my father arrived at our venue,, we asked all the groomsmen to tie it but no one knew how to do it. Richard dropped everything he was doing to help tie my father’s bow tie! This is just a tiny example of how dedicated he is. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them both, I sincerely hope that whoever reads this books them ASAP because you will be SO HAPPY on your wedding day to have them by your side!!! Your photos are forever and trust me when I say they will exceed all your expectations!!!"


"Where do we begin?? Richard & Andrea are the most incredible photographers in the world! We met these two beautiful people at our friend's wedding a few years ago and we knew immediately that they were special, incredibly talented, and that they would be OUR future wedding photographers. When we got engaged, we contacted them right away for details & their availability so that we could plan our big day in Cornwall, England! Richard & Andrea were immediately excited & did not hesitate joining us “across the pond” for our wedding week. I remember my mom asking, “When they photographed your friend’s wedding, did you feel like the photos accurately captured the experience?” My answer was a big YES. Viewing the STUNNING photos from our wedding trip help us relive the moments over & over. They captured such beautiful memories that we will treasure forever & they really helped us remember the moments that flew by so quickly. During our engagement photos in Asbury Park, NJ to our wedding in England to our wedding reception in Newburgh, NY, Richard & Andrea made us feel comfortable, beautiful, and special. Andrea also did my makeup for all three events (plus our Rock the Dress session) & my mother/mother-in-law’s makeup and we’ve never felt so beautiful! Richard & Andrea are professional, kind, creative, talented, and so responsive- they took so much of our wedding planning stress away. We did not just end up with breathtaking photos and memories from our wedding, we ended up with two wonderful and special friends. We are so grateful that they are in our lives & have allowed us to be a part of theirs. We never expected to gain so much from our wedding experience & we owe that to Richard and Andrea."


"I don't even know where to begin with how much we love Richard and Andrea! I think it's so important to invest in quality photos. But Richard and Andrea bring so much more than that. I love the dynamic they bring to the session - it really makes for such a comfortable environment while you're shooting. But beyond how amazing they are as people, their photos truly are to die for. The most impressive part was that they captured exactly what I was looking for before any digital touch ups! I feel like in today's world, everything is manipulated to an extent. But with Richard and Andrea, the photos you see online are pretty much the result right in the moment. I promise they are worth the investment. We love them so much, we are in the works of bringing them out to San Diego for the wedding. We hope you all enjoy them as much as we did!"