About Richard & Andrea

It's a huge honor to be considered to photograph your wedding day. Our couples and clients have allowed us into their lives; they have trusted us to collect memories that'll happen only once and to create timeless & beautiful photographs. As your Wedding Photographers, our promise is to create photographs that'll be relived for generations to come. Every wedding we have photographed is unique in it's own way however they all have a few things in common. The happiness, unity of friends & family, celebration and most importantly the Love spreading throughout the day. All of these incredible qualities are what fulfill our love for Wedding Photography. We take weddings very serious for many reasons. The most obvious one is that it is a day that happens once so our # 1 recommendation is choosing a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and working with a professional artist who will perfectly document your day and narrate your Wedding Story. After all, we do spend over 10+ hours with our couples and our goal is to bring out your personality, become part of your day and capture everything as it unfolds.


Now let me introduce you to my wife Andrea. She's my partner, my support, my second photographer, my motivation and most importantly the love of my life. In addition to ALL of that, she's also a Professional Make-Up artist. Andrea attended the Make-Up Designory (MUD) school in New York City where she became a certified Professional Make-Up Artist. Being that we're both perfectionists, we're grateful to have found each other because we make the perfect team. When our clients book her for make-up our goal is to work together to make them look absolutely stunning. As my second photographer, Andrea has become an accomplished photographer in her own right. Her knowledge of Make-Up and Photography allows her to apply cosmetics in a way that compliment each other. Working together has allowed us to experience amazing moments with our couples and clients and have bought us the gratification of being able to document a wedding day like no other. 

Click here to see some of Andrea's Make-Up Work!

Photo by Nino Gallego


About Niño Gallego


We have been very fortunate to find work in something that we are so passionate about and every day and opportunity is truly a blessing. When Niño Gallego joined our team as a photographer we were thrilled!! Having known each other for over 10 years, our friendship and bond has become stronger as well as our passion for wedding photography. Our dream came true when we officially asked him to join us and our company so that he too could photograph weddings for our couples.

Niño has over a decade of experience in the photography and film industry; his vision, creativity, and talent is one of a kind!! We were even lucky enough to have Niño photograph OUR very own wedding in Argentina and we couldn’t have been any more grateful.

His down to earth and humble personality, his genuine friendship, the fact that he served for our country, and his ability to make couples feel comfortable, keep the wedding day organized and create beautiful and timeless photographs has been a true blessing for RichardBFlores Photography and we’re really excited to share him with you all!

Our Loves

We're all about being positive, motivated & happy so we love being around that same atmosphere. We are firm believers in that when one surrounds themselves with these characteristics, we're all happier and able to spread it with others. 

We love our baby boy Julian. He has forever changed our lives and waking up to his little smile every day and knowing we get to enjoy him so much is something we’re thankful for every single day.

We love creating art but we also love to create stories. When photographing weddings and events, we don't just take photos. We have a plan to photograph in such a way that we can create an album from the moments captured. Our goal is to create a work of art that'll be cherished forever and knowing we were able to do that for our clients means the world to us. 

We love meeting new people. Our goal is to build a relationship with our clients and to earn their trust so they can feel comfortable collaborating with us as we work to capture those memorable instances in their lives.

We love making people feel comfortable with themselves, their surroundings, and making them feel beautiful and look their absolute best and we’re so proud to say that we have consistently accomplished just that!!

We love to have the freedom and ability to treat couples the absolute best!! When they get back to us expressing their gratitude and experience of working with us, we know our mission was accomplished.

We love creating art but we also love creating stories. When photographing weddings and events, we don’t just take photos. We have a plan to photograph in such a way that we can design an album from the moments captured. Our goal is to create a work of art that’ll be cherished forever and knowing we’re able to do that for our couples means the world to us!