Make-Up by Andrea

Andrea isn't only my partner and a photographer. Most importantly she's a Professional Make-Up Artist.

When we joined together, after our brides & couples began booking her for her make-up services. It just made things easier for the bride and the entire wedding day. So we decided to combine the two. 

Some of our collections include Make-Up by Andrea and others you can customize to include it. 

What are the perks of booking Andrea for Make-Up?

Well, I don't want to brag about her but she's a perfectionist like myself. She is also a photographer which allows her to apply make-up so that it compliments the photographs. Lastly, when we are working together side by side all day, she is readily available to retouch and make sure our brides and clients look their absolute best at all times!!

Check Out Andrea's Website to see her latest Makeup Applications.