Cinema and Video for weddings is one topic that comes up frequently during our meetings with Couples. We as photographers specialize in capturing the day and documenting moments that'll last a life time but with video, there's that extra special touch. There could be flowing tears, moving reactions, the sounds of gasping for air when the groom sees his bride for the first time or the speeches. All these extra special moments are what videographers specialize in and if it's something you'd like to keep forever then we highly recommend adding cinema into your wedding. 

Do we offer Cinema?

Unfortunately, we don't personally offer video through our company. We're passionate about photography and the emotions we're able to create thru our photographs so we'll leave the video to the professionals. For that reason, we recommend our good friends Greg and Dierdra from Lorenzo Media Productions. 


Highly Recommend

Greg and Dierdra are a power couple. We met them back in 2013 while photographing a wedding and we loved everything about them. Whenever Andrea and I are documenting weddings, we're not only doing our job but we're highly aware of other vendors and how they go about their service with our clients. This truly allows us to help future couples with recommendations and Greg's approach was the best we had seen. 


Since then we've proudly recommended them for cinema to all of our couples who ask and everyone has been extremely happy with their work. Not only do we work extremely well together but we truly enjoy it. Working together helps us create something unique for our couples. Just imagine, not 1 and not 2 but 4 heads working together. We feed off of each other's ideas, use the most out of our time during portraits, and ultimately work together to create something special for our couples.

If you are interested in booking us together please let us know!