Hey Everyone!! Monday isn’t everyone's favorite day of the week but before it's over we want to end it on a high note!!

Today we have something really special that we'd love to share with you but before I begin I wanted to write about what we do and why we do it. We are wedding photographers, well that's the bulk of what we do. However we do work with our clients to do other sessions, shoots, and more. Up until recently we typically meet with our couples after the proposal for their Engagement Session & Wedding. During this time couples are excited, anxious, and getting their big day all planned out. Our goal during their engagement session is for them to have some awesome photos but most importantly for all of us to get to know each other and get rid of any camera fears and shyness before their wedding day!! During the wedding our goal is to capture the essence their day; the spontaneous, emotional, and beautiful moments that they'll remember 10,20,30+ years down the road. This is exactly why we love our “job”. We get to hang out with beautiful and fun couples and we are blessed to be around so many positive, joyous and memorable moments. Because of this we were already convinced of how thankful we are to work with amazing people.

Part of this feeling of being thankful was based on the opportunities we’ve had and the special moments we’ve been able to capture for people. However, after photographing the moment where it all begins, the Proposal; everything means so much more!! We were lucky enough to have the groom-to-be follow our work and he contacted us in advance to photograph the actual proposal. So we planned everything out and were excited to have this opportunity. To be honest we were probably just as nervous and anxious as he was. After setting ourselves up they finally walked up to the location and we were ready to go. What we saw and felt was truly amazing!! The vibes, the tears, the moment; everything was just perfect and we captured all of that in just ONE photograph. Having this opportunity was truly a gift and I can't thank the groom enough for having thought about contacting us. I was already convinced about why I love what I do and I'm always preaching it but now the game has changed. Especially after the beautiful future bride wrote to us "Thank you Rich and Andrea for capturing my proposal...the picture you sent us will be cherished for the rest of my life!!!! I LOVE it!!!"

We hope you all cherish your moments and photographs for the rest of your lives too.

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Photography by RichardBFlores

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Thanks everyone and stay tuned for the next post!!