Hey Blog Readers, Back in October we got some awesome photos of Cindy & Eric during their first engagement session.  Now that were only 3 months away from their wedding day, I photographed the second part of their engagement.  What's so important about this session is where it took place. So we headed out to the airport and were lucky enough to do the session inside an airplane hanger. They were really excited to take there photos there considering it was where they first met and it meant a lot to them.

My mind was going crazy with ideas as I got there and we got some really cool photos. So here are a few of our favorite shots.  Both Cindy and Eric did an amazing job in front of my camera and are pros at rocking it out.  I can only imagine how awesome their wedding is going to turn out.

I hope you all enjoy these photos, and don't forget to leave some comments behind for our amazing couple!!