Hey Bloggers... So it's the middle of the week and were all wishing Friday would arrive already!!! Well, we have something special to share with you which will add some excitement to the rest of your week and hopefully by enjoying these photos your weekend will arrive sooner!!!

Elsie & Willy Miranda booked us for their Engagement and Wedding.  Since then, we were anxiously looking forward to their wedding day.  It was more than we can explain in words, full of excitement, energetic family, friends, and guests. It was wayyyy too much fun!!!  We had a blast shooting their special day, and we want to prove it to everyone by showing you these unforgettable moments we captured forever.

You can check out their Engagement Session here: Elsie & Willy Engagement Session

Finally, towards the end of this Blog Post, we have a little surprise for everyone... Elsie & Willy requested a new item to RichardBFlores Photography, The Photobooth!!! It was a blast!!! At first, people were hesitant to step in and show us what they had, but within minutes after Bride and Groom entered the party, it was on, there wasn't one moment where the Photobooth was empty.  And were sure everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.  So here we have some of those awesome photos.

I want to thank everyone who helped out, Andrea for doing an awesome job and 2nd shooter Eric from eeStudios for being incredible as always!!!


The Photobooth