Hey Everyone!!!
It's been a little over a week since we've hit 400 likes on our Facebook page, and the stats on our website and blog have been spiking greatly thanks to you. Because of this, I've set another bar to get more exposure. In order to achieve this, we ask for your help. In return we will be giving away an awesome deal for our popular photobooth valued at $800. Read Rules and Info below.
Rules & Info:
When does the contest start and end?
This contest will run from Monday August 15, 2011 to Friday September 23, 2011
What is the deal?
Deal 1: Winner will receive a 50% Discount on our Photobooth if the Photobooth is contracted on it's own or for any event/wedding not booked with RichardBFlores.
Deal 2: Winner will receive a 75% Discount on our Photobooth if the winner has booked an Non-Wedding Event with RichardBFlores.
Deal 3: Winner will receive a FREE Photobooth if the winner has booked a Wedding with RichardBFlores (Only applicable for weddings after Sept. 23 2011).
What if I want to give the deal to a family or friend who's having an event or wedding?
This is perfectly fine also. If you win the deal and know someone who would enjoy having a photobooth at their event/wedding, you can give it away as a gift to them. If the person is hosting an event, they will get a 50% Discount Deal. If the person is having a Non-Wedding Event and they have booked with us, they will get a 75% Discount Deal. If the person is having a Wedding and they've booked it with us, they will get the Photobooth for FREE!!!!
What's included with the Photobooth?
The Photobooth service includes the actual photobooth setup in a designated area, live viewing of the photos being taken, someone operating the photobooth and making sure to get you and your guests hyped up for some awesome and fun photos, and a DVD with all the High Resolution images after the event is finished.
How do I win?
In order for you to win, your friends and family will need to visit our facebook page and like our page. Once they've liked our page they'll need to add a comment saying who they recommend for the deal. For example if I'm going to recommend a friend First Name/Last Name for this deal, then I will visit the RichardBFlores facebook page, like it if I haven't done so already, and then add a comment saying "I recommend First Name Last Name for the Photobooth Deal". For the people that do not have facebook, you can go to and add a comment to the "Expose Us & Win a Photobooth Deal!!!" blog post.
How will you determine who wins?
On Friday September 23, 2011 the contest will end and I will begin to count the recommendations. Whoever has the most recommendations over 50 will be the winner of the Photobooth. Once we've determined the winner, we'll be posting it online and I'll get in contact with that person.
What if you are already booked on the date of the winner's event/wedding?
If I am booked on the date of your event/wedding, you can either give the photobooth prize away or you can save it for a later time.
How far will you travel for the photobooth?
We will travel as far as 50miles One Way of Zip Code 07087. Travel charges will be applied for any distance over 50miles.
Is there anything else I need to know?
That's pretty much it. If you have any questions, please email me at or give me a call and I'll be more than happy to answer them.