Hey Everyone TGIF!!! Today I want to share with you all a very special little blog post. I'm always pumped to blog our work and anything that interests me but this post means a lot to us. Being that my entire family is almost all guys and no girls, I can already see how spoiled this little girl is going to be. It's been about a month since my little cousin Brittany was born. We were expecting her to arrive by the end of June but to our surprise she decided to show up 2 months premature; talk about not even allowing us to do her mom's maternity session!!

After spending a little over a month at Hackensack University Medical Center Women's Hospital, she was finally sent home extremely healthy and happy. This past week we were finally able to do her newborn photos and I can't get over how beautiful she is.

Photography by RichardBFlores

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Thanks everyone and here’s till the next post…



This first picture was one I took when I visited her at the hospital about a week after she was born. She was still on feeding tubes and in an incubator the majority of the day.

And here's her most recent photos. Isn't she adorable, smiling and all!!!