As a photographer, there's no other way to perfect our skills than to pick up a camera and shoot whenever you can.  The off season here in NJ can be a bit harsh especially with all this nasty weather we've experienced this year which makes it difficult to shoot outdoors.  However, there's no better way to spend this time than to setup some portrait and studio sessions.  For this photo shoot, I met up with Eric from EE Studios, Kelly from Formus K Photography, and Chris from That Werks!!! As a collaborative effort we headed out to Studio 212 and setup this awesome photo shoot.  It was an amazing turnout and a great way to try out new ideas.  We definitely had an awesome time and we all got some amazing shots, especially with our 7 light setup which is the most I've ever shot with!! I want to thank everyone who I worked with and can't wait for our next meet!!!

Don't forget to check out the credits and drop some comments below.  Your thoughts are always welcome!!! ;-)


@RichardBFlores @Kelly Formus @Eric Gautier @Chris Sztybel


@T @Kelly Werrlein @Karen Buttacavole @Lauren Buttacavole

Make up: @Karen Buttacavole

Hair: @Kelly Werrlein