Hey everyone!!! To celebrate this 4th of July weekend, I wanted to show you all some of our favorite photos from a workshop we did a few weeks ago.

Back in January; Eric Gautier, Kelly FormusChristopher Sztybel, & myself got together for our first Collaborative photo shoot. We gathered a Makeup Artist, some Models, rented out a location and ended our session with some awesome photos. Because of it's success, we decided to do it again, this time around calling it a Workshop simply because we can but mainly because we're looking forward to doing more of these in the near future lol ;-)

Everything turned out perfect, I mean how can you go wrong doing something you love, working with some friends, models, makeup artist and having some pizza to top it off :-D

We had our Model do a couple different clothing changes, Andrea changed up her makeup a bit and we even bought in a kick a** sport bike!!!

Don't forget to drop some comments below, all comments and criticisms are highly appreciated.

Stay tuned for more of our work, and just wait till you all see what we have in store for our next Workshop ;-)

Now, lets get to the photos!! Special thanks to everyone who participated, to our friend Pablo for bring in his Bike, and special thanks to our Makeup Artist Andrea for her time, effort, and creativity.

Quick Notes

Model: Heather

Makeup Artist: Andrea Figueredo

Photographer: RichardBFlores





I love all the shots but this one below is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! AWESOME JOB HEATHER!!! undefinedundefined



Thanks for reading!!

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