Hey Everyone!! We're really excited to share this session with you all of a Mother & Son whose portraits we had the honor of shooting. Grace booked us to photograph her and the most important little person in her life, Hunter. She wanted to keep it simple so we took the most natural photos possible, beautiful portraits of a mother holding her son close skin to skin. Finally after an hour or so of hanging out with this little guy, bribing him with pizza, cookies, juice, enormous toys and promising him that his mom would take him to Toys'R'us and buy him ANYTHING, he couldn't turn down the offer and embraced the session!! To top it off, I never thought I had to pretend to talk on the phone with a Toy called Frank from the Disney Movie Cars while taking the photos. Regardless of what it took, it was worth every moment. Here are some of our favorites!! And of course special thanks to Andrea for assisting and doing some MUA (make-up) action for Grace!!


The bribing part!!

This is one of my favorite shots, lol

And finally our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!

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