IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! Wooohoooo

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Now off to the good stuff!! Today I bring to you Maggie & Abner's engagement session. We headed out to New York City and started photographing near this cool little Italian Wine bar called Inoteca in the Lower East Side of NYC. Having been the spot where Abner took Maggie on their first date, I figured it would be the best place to break in their camera shyness. After leaving the wine bar, they were ready to rock the rest of the evening. We went to a few different locations around NYC and had such an amazing time. Their love and personalities were so easy to capture plus NYC is always full of surprises, colorful locations, and cool spots; I only wished the evening would never end!!

Maggie & Abner, you guys are so awesome, we absolutely loved working with you. I can't even begin to imagine how fabulous your wedding is going to be. We're really looking forward to it!! Thank You!!

Photography by RichardBFlores

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