What's Up Everyone!!! We're so excited to share our very first blog post of 2016 but before we begin we want to share a little bit about how amazing 2015 was. Every year we create a Goal List. If you know us then you already know we're all about creating Lists... Sometimes I drive Andrea crazy with them but my OCD helps keep me organized and sane. As 2015 came to an end, we sat back and reflected on such an incredible year. We got to meet amazing people, we photographed incredible weddings, we traveled, we moved our in-home office to our very first photography studio, Andrea officially started working with me full-time and most importantly Andrea and I tied the knot ourselves.

Looking back, we experienced so many incredible moments and milestones we once only dreamed about. This was officially our full 5th year in business and it's officially been 3 years and a few months since I left behind my full-time career in Information Systems to dedicate all my time to our business. I will not lie, the first year full-time wasn't easy. Regardless of all of the tough moments, one thing we never let go was how bad we wanted this so we kept working harder and harder. Today we're immensely grateful for all of the opportunities we've been given. For all of the work we've been blessed with and for all of the motivation we have that keeps us going. So as we start this New Year 2016, we want to say THANK YOU to all of you who've given us an unbelievable amount of love and support. We're excited to kick off the new year with a little Behind-The-Scenes post of some fun moments during 2015. And to finish it off here's my motto:

I have concluded that there is a formula to seeing results. You can put in 50% work effort and receive 0-25% in return. You can but in 75% work effort and receive 25-50% in return. You can but in 100% work effort and receive 50-75% in return. It isn't until you put in 200% work effort and feel proud of what you're doing, block out all negativity, stay focused, and most importantly stay humble; that you begin to see 100% return. It's simple... Work Hard for the people you love, for yourself and for the people supporting you. Work Harder than the person wishing you failure. Give it your best every single time and the world will give you exactly what you dream of!! 

We hope your first Monday of 2016 is Amazing!!! Cheers!!