What's Up Everyone!! We're so excited to be back with you all!!

We've had a few people ask us what exactly does Andrea Tuesdays mean and whether Andrea is a Make-Up Artist, Main Photographer, 2nd Photographer, etc...

The truth is Andrea and I are BOTH Photographers; In addition Andrea is a Professional Make-up Artist. Which means she has one leg up from me until I start doing make-up too LOL!! 

We don't consider each other main or 2nd shooters because we each have our own vision and I feel Andrea is highly capable of taking full control during a wedding or session. We both work together to create unique photos for our couples and clients. Sometimes I step back and let her do her thing and sometimes she does the same but the majority of the time we're both photographing together getting our own unique vision of what's going on during that moment. If you've worked with us before then you know exactly what I'm talking about because sometimes I'll get in her way and she'll call me out on it in front of our couples. They'll laugh at us but we love it and our goal is to always have an amazing time!!

Every day we post a "Picture of the Day" on social media for everyone to see and every so often we post photos that include the hashtag #CapturedByAndrea which means it was taken by her. In addition, we created "Andrea Tuesdays" which is a photo she captured and selected to share with you all. I'm always so impressed by what she's capable of creating and even more when she creates a beautiful photo of someone she had also done Make-up for. I'm incredibly proud of her and couldn't be any more thankful to have such an amazing partner. With that said, here is Andrea's Tuesday Pic of the Day with a little Behind the Scenes shot I took of her while she was taking it!! She also did Janine's Make-up for this session!!

Hope you all love it and keep checking back for more blog posts coming soon!!

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