Hey Everyone!!! Every so often we take on sessions and photo shoots that are totally different from our Wedding Photography, yet help us maintain a keen eye for when photographing weddings. Because sessions are much more controlled than weddings, they allow for our ideas and creativity to flow easier which in turn are some of the ones we use when photographing the Bride & Groom and making them look like amazing!!!

While on our trip to Argentina, we got together with Cecilia Hnatiuk, a local clothing designer from Posadas Misiones, Argentina. Her prior modeling experience and passion for fashion have cleared her path for her ultimate career; clothing design. After seeing how quick she comes up with these designs and put the pieces together from fabric she's collected, we immediately knew it would be an honor to work with her. From the skirts, blouses & shirts to the dresses and bikinis, everything was hand made by Cecilia.

So being that it's currently summer in Argentina, she decided to showcase some of her latest designs for this season. Everything played out perfectly and we honestly couldn't have been happier with the final photographs. We definitely can't wait till we go back for our next sessions!!!

To check all of her designs, visit her Facebook Cecilia Hnatiuk & Cecilia Hnatiuk Designs

Special thanks to Amapolas Accessories for all the Custom Made Accessories used during the session!!

Special thanks to David Figueredo and Andrea Figueredo for their help and for the Make-Up!!!

Make-Up Artist - Andrea Figueredo - http://www.andrea-makeup.com/

Photography by RichardBFlores

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