Hey Everyone!! We're back again with another post from a session we did in Posadas Misiones, Argentina. We want to continue dreaming that we're still over there since we loved it so much; so we've been holding off on some work so we can relive those moments again haha!!

So, we want to share with you all some of our favorite photos from Daiana's session. Daiana does a lot of promotional modeling during the year for some well known companies in Argentina. She's had the opportunity to travel to different provinces for her work and absolutely loves it. While we were there, we worked with her to update her portfolio book and here's what we got!!

Special thanks to David Figueredo and Andrea Figueredo for their help and for the Make-Up!!!

Make-Up Artist - Andrea Figueredo - http://www.andrea-makeup.com/

Photography by RichardBFlores

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