She makes me better in every way, she motivates me, she challenges me, and she loves me unconditionally...and I love that about her, said Matt as he smiled looking over my shoulder at Marianne who sat at the far side of the Hotel Bethlehem Lobby.  Matt's truly the most amazing person that I've ever met, everyday he makes me feel more loved than the day before, he's my everything... Sounds silly but he's the love of my life! said Marianne as her eye's teared up in happiness.  You could truly sense the love and emotion as she expressed her feelings for him. After Matt's proposal this past Christmas, they were extremely excited for their Engagement Session.  It was the first time they took part in a session of this sort, so we spent the afternoon in Bethlehem, PA surrounded by beautiful brick buildings, stone alleyways, and gorgeous light. Everything turned out to be perfect and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to capture the love shared between them.  We had a blast shooting their engagement session and going out to dinner and we can't wait to hang out again!!!

We wish you both the best of luck and an amazing future ahead!!!

I also want to thank my beautiful girlfriend Andrea for being there with me and taking the jump into shooting.  She did a fabulous job!!!

Hope you all enjoy these photos, and don't forget to drop some comments below ;-)