Why is it that UPS never comes at a specific time?  Their delivery window can be up to 8 hours and just when you've received enough packages to begin to think that the next one will arrive roughly around the same time as the last, it doesn't. This time I was driving home and I ran into the UPS truck but there was no driver.  I waited about 5 minutes and nothing.  He was only about 6 blocks from my house so I said to Andrea, lets just head home, I'm sure he'll be there soon.  Of course we get home, and through at least 40 peaks out the window I managed to eat dinner, get to my emails, prepare my gym shakes and still no UPS.  I said screw it, I'm going to lay down on my couch for a bit and relax, when 5 minutes into relaxation mode the doorbell rings.  I've never jumped and ran downstairs so fast.  Not even for my Mac!!

There he was, the UPS guy, with a big HEAVY white box wrapped in a bunch of tape and a shipping label that read "Italy" approximately 4,179 miles away!  I already knew what was in it, and I started opening the box with my hands as I walked up the stairs, talk about multitasking!!!

So I finally get the box open and get to the first Album.  Normal size about 8x12 with a beautiful Metallic Paper cover and textured photo paper.  Simply Beautiful!! Next box had some smaller Parent Albums similar cover with a professional paper.  Definitely pretty cool looking little books. And then I left the biggest box for last.  This had to be the Main Album and it was heavy...

When I finally got it out and saw the cover I was in complete Awe.  My Jaw dropped to the floor and I couldn't believe how awesome this looked.  The cover was a Crystal Cover with a metallic print inside.  Then I opened it and I what I found was amazing.  I honestly have no words for how amazing it looked other than Awesome, Amazing, Beautiful, etc!!!  There's no better feeling than seeing photos I've taken and edited, now showcased into a beautiful work of art.

Anyways, no more detailed information... Below are some shots I took of the albums.  You truly need to see them in person to appreciate their perfection.

I think these albums definitely represent my perfectionist personality and modern style.  Now you all know how we work, and what we strive for!!  So if you've already booked a wedding with us this season or are interested in booking, don't forget to ask about our Signature, Parent, and Pocket Albums!!