I'm happy to say that I've sold another one of my signature limited edition prints.  I like to call this one the "Boats Illuminating the River" photo and it’s the 6th copy I've sold out of 150.  Some people have asked why I chose 150 as the limit but I really don't have a reason.  Being the 6th copy, I'm definitely happy to see that another one of my signature photos is now framed and hung on yet another person’s wall.  The first few prints were sold unframed and the customer's had them framed themselves, but I've noticed that it took them quite a while to finally have the artwork hung.  Because of this, I’ve decided to only sell these prints pre-framed so all they have to do is put a nail up and walah!!!  6 of 150 is framed in a beautiful clean black aluminum frame with a custom cut black matte.  This one happened to be one of the larger ones I’ve sold sized a little over 3ft wide and it definitely came out awesome!! As for the framing process, I order all of the custom cut frame parts and put everything together myself.  Because I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I rather do it myself and make sure that the photo sits right where it’s supposed to. The process isn't too complicated, however I like to take my time and make sure that every little detail is perfect. I wanted to show some pics I took as I put this one together, hope you all enjoy it.  If anyone has questions on this artwork or any other ones send me an email and I'll be happy to help.

Here's another one framed and hung.

And this one is my copy :-)