Normally I spend most of my Friday nights preparing for weekend shoots or working on some edits while we watch a Netflix movie (which by the way sucks cause I think I spend more time searching for a movie than actually watching) but anyways this Friday we wanted to add something a little different to our routine.  Andrea loves to drink wine and although I'm not to big on wine, I thought her idea of pairing different wines with different cheeses would be interesting.  I could never turn down cheese so I decided to give this a shot. So after visiting the supermarket and standing in front of this huge cheese section without a clue on earth as to what we were doing we finally made up our mind.  Andrea randomly chose a cheese called Raclette, which is a semi-firm Swiss type cheese.  And because I'm familiar with Gouda I decided to give the Vintage Aged Gouda a try. Softer Gouda is the one I usually eat with the red wax but because this one was aged, it had the black wax and was a bit saltier and harder.

The next step of this entire experiment was choosing the right wine.  We used this little cheat application on my iPhone that I recently purchased which pairs wines with foods and cheeses and found out which one was right for which cheese.  Apparently Raclette pairs well with a Beaujolias wine which is a light dry and fruity wine.  The Vintage Aged Gouda paired well with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

After getting home and cutting everything up, we finally got down to the tasting and testing.  I have to say, my cheese was perfect my wine.  The sweetness from the Cabernet went perfectly well with the saltier Gouda, and although Andrea's cheese smelled like feet, it paired pretty well with her wine also. Her cheese was a lot softer and creamier which was perfect for her sweet dry wine.  So all in all, this wasn't too bad of an idea and everything turned out great.

Lets see how things turn out next time when we choose another pair which is probably going to get more difficult considering were narrowing down our choices. haha

Till the next time!!